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OEM Brakes 


Stockbridge Eng., Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of brake discs of varying sizes for OEM’s. We provide brakes for construction and mining applications. By having our own burn tables, heat treating ovens, and CNC machines, we are able to keep your costs low and reduce lead time by doing everything in-house.

Tru-Stop® Utility Brakes 

For easy changing of the line and cable spools without disturbing the tensioning brake. The original “Tru-Stop®” brake system with the famous self-cooling, ventilated bronze disc and the hand tensioning adjusting wheel makes for a smooth, dependable and safe wire and cable stringing operation.

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Tru-Stop® Emergency/Parking Brakes 


There’s a compact, dependable Tru-Stop® Air-Cooled disc brake for every industrial application…stationary or mobile. Stopping rotary motion on stationary in-plant equipment takes a lot of power! For the record, it takes up to 4 times the horsepower to stop rotary motion as it does to run it. Tru-Stop® brakes have this power and then some because Stockbridge Engineering Inc. builds extra surplus capacity into every Tru-Stop® disc brake.

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IMG_0568For balancing, SEI has a BTI model VR-300-SA-CD.  This is an unbalance measuring machine with vertical drill correction.  It is a heavy duty, industrial PC-based hard bearing unbalance measuring system designed for drill correction of parts.